Terms & Conditions 

    1. Minimum consignment period is 4 weeks from date we receive your item. Should you need to retrieve your bag within the min. period of 4 weeks, there will be a handling fee of SGD200 to cover costs of authentication and photography
    2. We only sell an item when it is in our physical possession, currently we are not able to support virtual consignments.
    3. We may not be able to offer consignment on an item if we deem the item does not apply to our buyout and consignment guidelines. We reserve the right not to provide an explanation if we are unable to accept your bag.
    4. Consignment quotes are only valid for two weeks from quotation 
    5. Consignment items will be listed on our channel(s) in chronological queue in order of when we receive the items. In normal situation, consignment items will be listed on our channel(s) between 5-7 business days
    6. When the consignment item has been sold, you will be notified for your payout - via Bank Transfer, PayNow or TransferWise. Please allow 5-7 business days for payment 
    7. All items will be checked upon receiving and if the item is in a condition different from what has been described or there are other signs of use that were not disclosed, we will inform via at first inspection. We reserve the right to revise the quotation. If the revised quoted price cannot be agreed upon, bag will be returned at consignor’s costs
    8. Upon agreeing on the consignment quote quote, the terms and condition governing our consignment and/or buyout will be naturally agreed upon.

All items received for consignment will go through our in-house checking: 

  • General Inspection
  • Authentication
  • Photography
  • Listing

If item is deemed inauthentic, there will be a handling fee of SGD200 to cover the costs of authentication and work rendered 


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